Project Description
The Angua R.P.G. Engine is a C# open-source system for playing turn-based Role-Playing Games over the Internet or TCP/IP based networks.

After unsuccessfully searching for quite some time for a system that allows players across the world to play RPGs equivalent to their pen and paper originals, I decided to create one myself. Angua R.P.G. Engine will allow this for multiple R.P.G.s. The goal is to have the ability to play an R.P.G. across the Internet that gives, as close as possible, the feeling you get when playing an R.P.G. face-to-face across a table top.

Angua R.P.G. Engine uses the following technologies:
- .Net 4.0
- C#
- GDI+

The solution is for Visual Studio 2010.

Map Editor (Alpha)


GM Client Main Form (Alpha)


Dice Tower Form (Alpha)


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